PARC collages

The Political Advertising Resource Center is a nonpartisan informational website that analyses the advertisements used in local, state, and national political campaigns. PARC is targeted to high school and university educators and students as well as civic and political organizations, voter education organizations, the news media, and political watchdog groups.

PARC’s resources includes: (1) reports of analyses of political advertisements; (2) a historical overview of the role of political advertising in U.S. politics; (3) summaries of recent trends in political advertising; (4) a review of campaign finance laws; (5) information on candidates and issues discussed in the ads; and (6) current samples of political ads analyzed by political communication professors and graduate students.

PARC reflects the mission of the Rosenker Center for Political Communication and Civic Leadership, uniting research, education, and public engagement in order to foster democratic communication by a diverse people.