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Recovering Democracy Archives

The Recovering Democracy Archives mission is to create a digital archive of lesser-known but important public speeches that remain hidden within the vaults of archival depositories or in obscure anthologies and historical publications. RDA is particularly focused on recovering speeches delivered by those challenging barriers that restrict equitable participation in civic life or promote the expansion of civic deliberation.

Voices of Democracy: The U.S. Oratory Project

Voices of Democracy promotes the study of great speeches and public debates in the humanities undergraduate classroom. The project is designed to provide reliable, authenticated primary texts and contextual and interpretive materials under seven deliberative topics: Citizenship, Civil Rights, Freedom of Speech, Religion and Public Life, Social and Economic Justice, U.S. Internationalism, and War and Peace. Voices of Democracy represents a collaborative and interdisciplinary project involving scholars from Baylor University, Penn State University, and the University of Maryland, College Park.

Her Carnival of Dreams

Lauren Vance is a graduate of the Department of Communication at the University of Maryland. During the lecture, Lauren spoke about her career in network news, documentary series, and film making–a career she launched with an internship in Washington, DC with CBS News.